Friday, April 12, 2013

Diamonds......A girl's best friend?

For some time now, my best friend (also my aunt who is younger than me), Mer, and I have tried to stay fairly consistent at getting together on Wednesday nights.  It helps us to keep in touch and stay close etc. Unfortunately, a few months ago we hit a bit of a rough patch. Truth-be-told, it was pretty dramatic. Easily the biggest thing we've ever had to deal with. I think we both sort of thought we would never be able to truly make amends and get back to this level of closeness. Both hurt, both confused and frustrated by the other. It really looked pretty grim.

Suddenly, the clouds part, the rain stops, sun peeking out from its hiding place and the angels sing

I have amazing news!! Thankfully, as of this past Monday, we have fully and completely talked everything out and have made things right and are closer now, I believe, than we've ever been before. I'm the type of person who doesn't have many friends, but the ones I do have are very close, and I cherish them. They absolutely mean the world to me.

My best friend is now married and expecting her first child. I have seen her grow in ways I never imagined. God is really shaping and refining her....sanctifying her and for HIS glory! I can see her starting to shine, to sparkle a bit. I see joy and peace, happiness and contentment in her new married life. I am so proud of her and incredibly happy for her. I'm excited to start this new chapter as friends together, and I am blessed beyond words that what I THOUGHT was over, is only just the beginning of something spectacular. I'm so thankful to God that He allowed us to make things right. So I don't think its a far reach to agree with the saying "Diamonds are a girl's best friend".  My friend is as valuable as a diamond, she's priceless!

A couple weeks ago, during a typical Wednesday night hangout, Mer decided to share some of her newly discovered and exciting skills.  SHE CAN COOK!!  Just ask Eric! lol

Check it out...

I think it was like Jasmine rice with steak and roasted veggies. But it had some kind of awesome flavor to it. It was SOOO good. We decided that she can make dinner and I'll do dessert! lol  No seriously, we will be doing a LOT more cooking together.

We watched a movie after dinner and perused my newest cupcake cookbooks and decided we want to bake/cook our way through a few cookbooks.  Stay tuned to see which ones we choose to do...

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